Are you an 'organic' vegan?

For me being a vegan is not only subsisting solely off a plant-based diet but an organic (as much as possible) plant-based diet. But sometimes organic products are pricey and it is just more economical for one to buy ‘regular’ stuff.

Most all of the food i get from the grocery store is organic. All my soaps and beauty and grooming supplies are organic. I also am getting more into organic clothing, there are some very fashionable designers and vendors getting into vegan and organic fashion.

i’m starting to pay attention to working conditions when i can, i think it is important that workers in third-world countries are not exploited with poor working conditions and low pay. i’ve worked some shitty jobs and i know what the suffering feels like, lol i’ve never worked in a sweat shop but i can only imagine.

I think veganism should naturally include trying to live organically as much as possible, respecting everything down to the very bugs that live on the earth around the farms where our food comes from. Also being mindful with our use of resources so we’re not exploiting the earth and tearing down land destroying countless species and life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being vegan should extend beyond diet, and so i try to live a Whole Body Vegan Lifestyle in my day to day life.

Agreed! I would love to be able to purchase everything organic but gosh it’s really expensive here and being an extremely broke student it’s definitely not a possibility for me! By chance though, a lot of the products like soap, shampoo, etc that I buy are organic, because organic & vegan with that sort of thing seems to go together…

With food, I try, and sometimes the grocery store I go to puts organic stuff on sale.

Someday though… :smiley: I would also really like to have a medium sized garden and produce my own foods.

Hey guys :slight_smile: you can try to make your own organic, vegan products. Most products are essentially oil: you can use olive or canola oil instead of moisturiser, and even oil your hair instead of using conditioner. It works out a LOT cheaper!

I tried making a few products like balms cold remedies and soaps using “Grow your own Drugs” by James Wong. Despite the name, it’s a really useful book and you can make some fairly professional-looking toiletries. There’s loads of other books around too, and there’s even a place in my city where you can take a day-long workshop and learn to make soaps and stuff.

I buy organic food when I have the money to afford it. Cleaning and beauty/grooming products I just make sure they are from a company that doesn’t test on animals. Clothes wise, besides socks, underwear and running shoes I haven’t bought anything new in almost two years. I get all my clothes at a second hand store or ebay, all vegan of course.

I agree, it should be the whole enchilada - it’s hard though. So many things to consider with every purchase we make, I find it exhausting at times.

I spend a ridiculous amount on food, not even counting produce. I cook a lot and use organic ingredients whenever possible, but price is a huge consideration. Quality food is expensive!! I try to avoid the packaged products, they’re so expensive, but convenience does dictate at times. I prefer to make things using legumes, beans, tofu etc…organic versions of those are much more affordable. Certain produce I just can’t justify the cost for the organic.

Toilettries, cleaners etc are pretty easy these days, so many good and reasonablly priced products out there, or good old baking soda etc to make your own. I’d certainly like to improve in other aspects like clothing, shoes etc - not the obvious stuff like leather, but knowing that my purchases didn’t come from a sweatshop full of child labour.

Inhave to be honest and say that I refuse to go the whole enchilada. Who can afford this? I will buy organic when it’s on sale. These foods are much better tasting, and of course, better for us.

And as for an item having a bit of dairy, etc, sometimes I will consume it anyway( such as those galaxy foods, which use casein, for example) In a perfct world, being vegan would be easy. But it isn’t, and I won’t knock myself out over the small bits. But, overall, I do eat vegan fare, and make the great majority of my meals from scratch.

Well i agree with you all here.No one can afford organic food so easily if there are one of the rich families…I don’t remember when did i last buy the organic food for me because everything in today’s world is getting expensive and i have to look for my family so can’t save enough money to buy some organic food for myself…

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In my own research I have found that purchasing organic food is actually negative.

Research has shown that it is no healthier than non-organic food (organic food was far more likely to contain fecal matter). As we have already discussed it is also much more expensive, which hurts the poor. Organic farming takes up much more land than conventional farming because more crops die due to their lack of pesticides. This is the reason that organic produce is so expensive.

Of course the organic food industry will deny such claims (just like factory farms will deny their abuse of animals). They are watching out for their profits, which is fine as long as the consumer can be informed other ways.

But how can we justify that we eat organic food?

its hard to find food without the certainity of where it came from.