Are these vegan?

Hi, I am a strict vegan and when something says only natural flavours I don’t eat it. I am curious to know if the natural flavours, natural strawberry flavour, natural chocolate flavour…etc.that are in Soy Delicious and Rice Dream ice creams are vegan. Also, besides the fake cheese slices, are all Yves products vegan? Such as the faux ground round, faux sausages and faux back bacon. Thank you.

Got this straight off the Yves website :slight_smile:

“Yves Veggie Cuisine products are vegan with the exception of our Good Slices that contain casein.”


Thank you very much, I too visited their website and think that it is awesome. I called them to see how strictly vegan they were and they are very strict. They told me that all the vitamins, minerals and natural flavors are produced from from the micro-fermentation (or something like that) of vegetables.

I also called Imagine Foods, who make Rice and Soy Dream, and all of their natural flavours, vitamins and minerals are all plant derived. The only thing to watch for is any ice cream with chocolate chunks, because although the ingredients are vegan, the chunks are processed on dairy-chocolate machines. (Unfortunately, the chocolate that covers their ice cream bars is also produced this way.) Also their 3 vegan stuffed sandwiches are processed on non-vegan machinery. Other than that, Imagine Foods is a great company that really cares about animals. They are privately owned which is why they have to use other machinery. All flavours of their Rice and Soy Dream beverages, their puddings, all of their soups (except their free-range chicken broth), and most of their “ice creams” are completely vegan. Oh, and the lady that I talked to there was amazing and was a vegan herself.

What is casein?

casein is the curdy (cheesy) protein that is derived from milk - watch out for it in soy and rice cheese slices because it doesn’t always tell you on the package that it is milk derived.

yeah why in the world is it that they loooove putting casein in “vegetarian” cheese? kind of defeats the purpose of non dairy in my mind

I read there are vegan casein. But I don’t remember where.

Here’s a question…Is honey vegan???

i’m guessing it’s not…

But i had this argument with a friend…

It’s not, it’s produced by animals.
So called “vegan+honey” diet is quite popular though… which doesn’t change the fact that honey is not vegan. You can always use artificial one if you like it.

Just a suggestion, instead of honey have you tried Agave nectar? I love it, better than honey or sugar in my humble opinion.

What is agave nectar like?

Agave nectar is a thin syrup. You buy it in a squeezy bottle - it’s usually next to the sugar in the supermarket (if they stock it!). It’s very sweet: you only need a little of it to replace sugar or honey :wink:

agave nectar is very sweet and very good for you.
agave nectar has a very low glycemic value :

If the forests were honey-dripping, perhaps the honey I happen to ingest wouldn’t be such a headache/war. Mead is a warrior’s diet, like locust and honey.

I always here about agave nectar, does this come from a flower? like flower nectar?

Agave syrup comes from the same cactus that they make tequila from. It’s totally delicious, but is more expensive than honey in my area.

Thanks a lot Randy… Haven’t tried it yet… I was amaze knowing that we can get something to take in from cactus;)

Luckily for me, a job lot chain of stores in my area in western mass and ct carry tons of it very cheaply, too. I bought a bottle. Gotta try it…

i think I will have hard time looking for it here at our place… Maybe there are other substitute for it… got to be an adventurer and search for other alternatives…