Anger inside the eyes of true faith

Man I peaved,
I joined a vegan forum awhile back expressing my views on how animals suffer and are tormented. I also posted a link for a meetup group and I get banned becuase I don’t meet the standards and apparently talking about animal abuse is classed as immoral? And trying to create a fun event where other vegans can have a fun day out if profits were to be made they would go to an animals rights charity. I know I’m new but is there an expectation in this group?? Besides the normal no insulting and discrimmination and no graphical imagery. Am I truly aloud to express myself in this place or will my post not last a week and then becuase of my “radical thinking” I will be banned once again? I’m not a negative person just needed to vent my frustration. We’re fight the same battle… The right for animals to live peacefully in this world with us not food, not for work, not for amusement… How can a fellow vegan banned me from expressing my passion for change. I never used foul language (until I was completely banned from the forum and through a private inbox) never discriminated nor never insulted anyone… Whew wow lol thanks for the anger release.