An urban "Farm Animal Sanctuary" version of a Cat Cafe

So here’s an idea that could help wake tons of people up to caring about farm animals, and hopefully caring about them enough to stop eating them (or their eggs/dairy).

OK, so have you heard of the best place in the world? Well, one of the best places in the world. Here it is!

It’s a cat cafe in South Korea! You go there, hang out with cats, and you can buy snacks/drinks for yourself, and buy snacks to feed the kitties!

There’s also a dog cafe

Wouldn’t it be great if someone (you?) opened a vegan cafe/bakery like this in an urban area, except with with mini pigs (, pygmy goats (, and chickens (you know what they look like!)?

One of the great thing about farm sanctuaries is they show people that the animals that humans exploit/imprison for food are sentient creatures, with a full range of emotions, and very loveable. But because they’re in rural areas, most people don’t get to visit them (or even hear they exist). But a bakery/cafe like this would allow them to fall in love with pigs and goats - and at the same time eat delicious vegan desserts/snacks/meals, and realizing vegan food can be delicious.

I think a place like this would have the power to change a lot of people!

There’s two concerns to consider, though. one is hygiene. cats go pee/poo in litter boxes (which I assume they put in a back room) and dogs can be trained to ask to go outside. What about these animals?

Pigs can be trained like dogs are, so they’re no problem. Pygmy goats can be trained to pee outside but they drop their little poos everywhere. Chickens can’t be trained to do their ‘business’ any particular place. But apparently both pygmy goats and chickens can wear diapers! LOL! (Check out pictures in links)

The next concern is the animals. Whoever ran this cafe would have to be able to take care of them and provide them with a good living environment. Having only two of each animal would make that easier. and I think they’d be very happy in a cafe where every human wanted to feed and pet them.

So if you think this is a good idea, you should definitely give it serious consideration! What do you think?

Thanks for listening! BEST WISHES to you for 2014 and beyond!