Advantage of Green Tea

Most of the time people complain for aces and skin infection over face and body. But no one understand its actual cause. Here i like to introduce most important fact about our body. All type of disease that a human suffer starts from human stomach. If we have healthy stomach then our whole life is wow…So need to be take care about stomach more. Green Tea and Vegan Food helps a lot. A vegetarian human suffer less, so be vegetarian and prefer vegan food to live healthy life.
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Tea is a widely consumed beverage in the world. Green tea is used to weight loss, control blood pressure, cholesterol level,tooth decay,glow skin, improve energy,prevent from many diseases like heart attack, cancer. Green tea is used as an antibacterial and antiviral to reduce stress,depression and maintain mental health.

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Yes green tea is good for health and it reduces fat.

It’s a great antioxidant and thus slow downs the aging process.

It’s also beneficial to our digestive system and is kind of like natural cleanse since it keeps your digestive system regular and works pretty well at flushing out toxins.

I’ve heard that if you add a few drops of lemon to your green tea, it increases the number of antioxidants by 40 times.